Alvaro Lavin



Audiovisual production

Let the dance begins. Fiction film. Meridional Producciones, Áralan Films and Oeste Films. Filming: autumn 2020. Julio Alejandro Script Award granted by the SGAE Foundation. Sound Art Award at the European Co-Production Meeting of the 16th Seville Film Festival.

The magician. TV series. In preparation.     

A thousand lives. Fiction film. CIIF MARKET Award (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) to the Project with the Greatest International Projection      

Amazon. TV series. In preparation.

Calima. TV series. Meridional Producciones and Jugoplastika. In preparation.

The open door. Fiction film. Co-produced by Meridional Producciones, Chester Media, Stop&Play, Babilonia Films and MilCiclos. With the collaboration of Telemadrid. 2 nominations to the Goya Awards of the Spanish Cinema and more than 30 awards in national and international festivals

The wedding. Short fiction film. Nominated at the 27th edition of the Goya Awards in the Best Fiction Short Film category. First Prize at the Elche Film Festival, Telemadrid Award and First Prize at the Badajoz Iberian Film Festival. More than 80 awards in National and International Festivals

Mothers, 0.15 a minute. Documentary. Meridional Productions. Silver Biznaga "Affirming Women's Rights" at the 14th Malaga Film Festival, Golden Remi Award at the Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and the Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Mediterraneen.

The cortege. Short fiction film. Selected in the XXV 
edicio of Los Goya. First Prize at the Toronto Hispano-Film Festival, Golden Beggar Award-International Festival of Local Televisions and First Prize at the Everett Women's Film Festival. More than 160 awards in national and international festivals.

L ́Ultima opportunittà. Short fiction film. Best Screenplay and Best Short Film, Ciudad Real Film Festival.


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Theater direction and/or production

With an extensive career as a producer, actor and artistic director, Álvaro Lavín has been active in the world of cinema and theatre for more than 25 years. He has directed and produced more than 40 shows, among which the following stand out

Iberian Gangsters by Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions. Finalist in the MAX 2018 Awards in the category of Best Musical Show.

The slaves of my slaves of Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions.

Qfwfq. A history of the universe adaptation of "Las Cosmicómicas" by Italo Calvino made by Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions.

Transition by Alfonso Plou and Julio Salvatierra. National Dramatic Center. Meridional Producciones, Teatro del Temple and Imprebis. Best show of the year 2013 by the newspaper El Mundo.

Miguel Hernández by Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions.

Meu Ben by Eliane Murphy. Emedous Productions.

Romeo. Mountain version of the Verona tragedy Adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet" by W. Shakespeare by Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions.

It's all lovey-dovey from Diego de Figueroa and Cordoba. Adaptation by Julio Salvatierra. Young Company of the National Classical Theatre Company.

An American comedy about anxiety by Steven Berkoff. Meridional Productions.

The true story of the Marx Brothers by Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions.

Martin McDonagh's Leenane Beauty Queen. Gloria Lopez Productions.

To be or not to be Julio Salvatierra's adaptation of Ernst Lubitsch's film "To be or not to be". Meridional Producciones and Unahoramenos.

Kvetch by Steven Berkoff. Teatro do Morcego, Seiva Trupe and Centro Dramático Gallego.

Singing under the bullets of Antonio Alamo. K-Productions.

Black! by Julio Salvatierra. Meridional Productions.

I Satan of Antonio Älamo. K-Productions.