Iberian Gangsters



Former minister Rafael Velasco, a deputy and spokesman for his group, is guilty, but he has no regrets: he has done what had to be done, like many others. From his communist beginnings, through socialism to the right, forty years have passed, lived intensely with his wife and daughter, the young promise that will lay the foundations for the politics of future generations. The only problem is that she doesn't know the truth.


About the plot

A mature politician, ex-minister, and singing enthusiast, is about to be tried with a high probability of going to prison. From its beginnings in the Communist Party, through socialism, to its arrival on the conservative right, forty years have passed. Forty years shared with his wife, a high ranking official in various cultural politics; and with his daughter, a fervent admirer of his, a militant and young promise in the Party.

He has no regrets. Everything he's done has been done because it had to be done. And he's done nothing that many others haven't done. But through the research that his daughter is forced to do with her lover and future Organization Secretary, we witnessed her father's journey from public service to self-service, so to speak. But also to the journey Amanda, his daughter, is making from the fierce condemnation of political corruption to...

How far...?

A show by Meridional Producciones

Based on data from a real, recent, and resounding story, but with all the freedom of fable and satire that the theatre has always had, we take advantage of this cocktail of love, politics, idealism, ambition and music to create a thriller that is both restlessly plausible and close, and at the same time full of humour: a true Spanish musical gangster's story.

A story capable of hooking the viewer and not letting go until the end. To put him on the inner journey of the protagonist and his family. A journey made without losing his composure or the ability to justify himself to himself and his family.

An exciting journey and yet so human and so close that the viewer, while still laughing and even singing, may come to wonder: but surely I wouldn't do the same?


The stage can provide a place of reflection and mirror very useful to a whole society. Political corruption is an issue that needs all the energy of that society to be studied, understood and contained. We want to provide a close, human, real and at the same time tinged with humor and satire, about this problem. Politicians (both the honest ones and the light-hearted ones) do not come from another planet: they are our brothers, our children, our parents, our cousins, our acquaintances. They are the fruit of this society, just like all of us. A vision, based on real cases, although built from fiction, can serve us to, from humor, look at ourselves, through these politicians of ours, so self-indulgent. Maybe what we see will make us think, as well as laugh. That's our goal.

We also believe that in these times of change, which some dare even call the second transition, it is not superfluous to look not only at the present, but also at the future, and to ask ourselves what they want, and what the new generations of politicians who insist on making way can do.

It is from this double temporal approach: what has happened and what can happen, that we build the show. And there is also a double formal approach: on the one hand, the naturalistic and human-centred, individual vision of a daughter's conflict with her father; and on the other, the satirical-and painful-distance provided by the moments of rupture during the songs.


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